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Dyna Direct is an Exclusive Sales and Marketing Company that creates sales and business process that makes sense for your company. With Dyna Direct we take a methodical, practical approach, that provides results that will astonish you and give you an enormous, competitive edge, over your competition. Our vast experience, knowledge, and insight in the demographics we represent provide a professionalism that is second to none.

Every company we represent is on an “Exclusive Basis” as we are not your typical Sales and Marketing company, but your partner in consultancy.










4 key principles of our client selection

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What you offer is the first key, if your product or service does not make sense we will not waste your time or our in leading you down a path of nothing.

Key 1


What you offer is the first key, if your product or service does not make sense, we will not waste your time or ours, leading you down a path of nothing.

Key 2


Getting to the next level of corporate success is much more than just a strategy, its a culture that we can help you cultivate.

Key 3


Why is your product or service different, we will help you achieve that difference that makes your product stand out.

Key 4


We are not a good fit for every company and we understand this, but we wish we were. We will only work with companies that fall within our cultures expertise.

Dynamic Success

A pillar of scale

Success of any product or service must start with a strong foundation that your pillar can stand on and weather the forefront of competition. Dyna Direct understands this and without correct diligence and through understanding our services would never be advantageous to anyone.

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The first step in working with a company like Dyna Direct is to give us an understanding of the needs you have. We do not accept any client as we not only invest our time, but also our own funds. If your product or service is a fit we will be sure to get back in touch with you. We prefer referrals from current success clients, but we are always open to new ideas and fronts. Please fill the form out to the left for consideration to Directly be part of something truly Dynamic!